• Prologic New Green MP Chair
    6,800 RSD4,000 RSD
    Prologic New Green MP Chair

    Prologic New Green MP Chair

    Brand: Prologic Model:1081 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 4,000 RSD 6,800 RSD
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    The brilliant Multi purpose fishing chair, have extra add on support legs, that can be mounted on frame, so it can sit across your bedchair or rest perfect on bank slope. Weight 4kg.

  • Gamakatsu G-Hybraid Braided Dark Brown 135m
    3,600 RSD2,700 RSD
    Gamakatsu G-Hybraid Braided Dark Brown 135m

    Gamakatsu G-Hybraid Braided Dark Brown 135m

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5123 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 2,700 RSD 3,600 RSD
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    An amazing line, produced by the innovative ‘Hybrid-Formula’ system. This process combines several ultra-strong gel-spinning fibers to a perfect braided line with an excellent strength to diameter ratio. Because of its perfectly round shape the  G-Hybraid line has a perfect line lay on the reel, which offers great advantages for making accurate casts. It also ensures a minimum friction at the guides during the cast, facilitating long distance casting. Compared to many other popular lines the G-Hybraid has an equally braided surface so that an identical breaking strength and diameter are realized over the full length of the line.

    The equal braiding technology guarantees no thinner (weaker) parts in the line and ensures a maximum life span. G-Hybraid absorbs hardly any water, so that a better presentation of lures and softbait is possible. The special braiding technology and advanced coating of the fibers reduces the chance of wind knots and backlash on the spool. This also helps to prevent the line from tangling around the guides. G-Hybraid is easy to knot and has only low reduction of breaking strength on the knot. G-Hybraid has very little elasticity. G-Hybraid is more abrasion resistant than many other lines thanks to the special braiding technology and coating. Guides and line rollers are less affected by G-Hybraid.

  • Spro GrandArc Tuff-Body W/S 8.000
    13,680 RSD7,790 RSD
    Spro GrandArc Tuff-Body W/S 8.000

    Spro GrandArc Tuff-Body W/S 8.000

    Brand: SPRO Model:1203-800 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 7,790 RSD 13,680 RSD
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    • 7 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
    • One-way Clutch anti reverse system
    • Tuffbody aluminum design
    • Wormshaft oscillation system
    • Extra strong bail arm system
    • Twist free line roller
    • 2 Aluminum spools
    • Balanced rotor
    • Handle with carbon shaft
    • EVA handle knob
    • Finely adjustable multi-disc front drag system
    • Special drag cover against water, sand and dirt

    Size Weight Ratio BB m/mm
     810 266gr 5,1:1 7+1 100/0,24
     820 267gr 5,1:1 7+1 100/0,29
     830 299gr 5,0:1 7+1 150/0,24
     840 304gr 5,0:1 7+1 150/0,33
  • Spro Passion 6.000
    4,390 RSD3,460 RSD
    Spro Passion 6.000

    Spro Passion 6.000

    Brand: SPRO Model:1105-6000 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 3,460 RSD 4,390 RSD
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    • 5 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
    • One-way clutch anti-reverse system
    • Graphite body and rotor construction
    • S-curve oscillation system
    • Extra strong bail system with Titanium coating
    • Super stable Twist-free line roller holder
    • Aluminum spool with line clip
    • Balanced rotor
    • CNC Aluminum handle with T-bar handle knob
    • Finely adjustable multi-disc rear drag system
    • Match version: 2 Aluminum Match spools
    • 610   Weight 270gr  Ratio 5,1:1  Capacity 150/0,20mm
    • 620   Weight 270gr  Ratio 5,1:1  Capacity 170/0,24mm
    • 630   Weight 303gr  Ratio 5,0:1  Capacity 230/0,24mm
    • 640   Weight 305gr  Ratio 5,0:1  Capacity 220/0,28mm
    • 644M Weight 301gr Ratio 5,0:1  Capacity 150/0,18mm

  • Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 100m
    440 RSD310 RSD
    Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 100m

    Gamakatsu G-Line Topcaster 100m

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5002 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 310 RSD 440 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Designed for all types of reel fishing, this co-polymer line features a great tensile and knot strength. It is a versatile fishing line, perfect for fresh and saltwater fishing applications. It has a smooth surface and is exceptional for casting because it offers fewer kinks and reduced backlash. This low-stretch line has an excellent abrasion resistance ratio, is low-memory and offers reduced-stretch which all add-up to a more controlled hook setting; having an impact on landing more fish too!

  • Spro PowerShade Picker Sensitive
    5,190 RSD3,690 RSD
    Spro PowerShade Picker Sensitive

    Spro PowerShade Picker Sensitive

    Brand: SPRO Model:2954-270 Availability: Out Stock
    Price: 3,690 RSD 5,190 RSD
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    A series of carbon rods with modern actions, it is way ahead of its time. The blanks are produced from high worthy Japanese carbon to create thin and powerful rods. Next to that, all blank feature thin 2-tone Kevlar strings to strengthen the body. Thin cork grips, extra-light SiC guides and durable nylon reelseats with coated reelrings complete the picture… the rods are well designed with a nice transparent coating, also below the windings. Please note the special windings just above the connection parts; the special structure makes it easier to de-connect the parts, even when it’s cold or the parts are wet.

    PowerShade Sensitive
    Multifunctional quiver tip rod; the ideal picker rod but just as well for trout and zander fishing. Equipped with two tips and a cork handle.

    Code PowerShade Length Transp. Weight C.W. Sections
    2954 270 Sensitive 270 2,70m 1,41m 165gr < 40gr 2+2












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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