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  • Shimano Alivio RC
    3,560 RSD2,208 RSD
    Shimano Alivio RC

    Shimano Alivio RC

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMALVRC Availability: In Stock
    Price: 2,208 RSD 3,560 RSD
    Based on 1 reviews.

    The new Alivio RC has already been a massive success since it’s mid season launch earlier this year. The new silver body and blue graphic on the spool give the Alivio a fresh modern look which is complimented by the features and performance. Fitted with an AR-C spool for easy and accurate casting, the Alivio also contains a Shimano roller bearing and ball bearing for smooth performance. The Alivio RC is available in both single and double handed versions with a powerful 4.6:1 gear ratio for total control of powerful fish.


  • Gamakatsu G-Line Element - Dark Brown
    1,600 RSD1,150 RSD
    Gamakatsu G-Line Element - Dark Brown

    Gamakatsu G-Line Element - Dark Brown

    Brand: Gamakatsu Model:5110 Availability: In Stock
    Price: 1,150 RSD 1,600 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    This very tough yet smooth-surfaced co-polymer reel line combines a wide variety of unique characteristics into one dependable high-knot strength and abrasion-resistant monofilament for fresh- and saltwater applications. It comes in three colors Fluo Yellow, Dark Brown and Ice Blue. Ice Blue has the advantage that it a Hi-Viz line for great visibility above the water yet virtually invisible below the surface.

  • Shimano Alivio DX Specimen Spod
    9,900 RSD7,068 RSD
    Shimano Alivio DX Specimen Spod

    Shimano Alivio DX Specimen Spod

    Brand: Shimano Model:SSALDX12550S Availability: Out Stock
    Price: 7,068 RSD 9,900 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.
    • Rod Length: 12ft / 365cm 5,5lb
    • XT30 Carbon blank with Geofibre
    • DPS Reel Seat
    • 40mm butt guides
    • Shimano Hardlite guides
    • Shrink tube rubber split grip
    • Weight: 427g
    • Transport Length: 186cm
    • Guides: 6
    • Number of Sections: 2
  • Shimano Aerlex XSA
    11,900 RSD9,500 RSD
    Shimano Aerlex XSA

    Shimano Aerlex XSA

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMALX8000XSA Availability: Out Stock
    Price: 9,500 RSD 11,900 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    The Aerlex XS-A is a tough reel fitted with Instant Drag designed for heavy duty work. The metallic blue body and silver detail combine to produce a modern look and the superb Aero Wrap II line lay with 2 speed oscillation, combined with the AR-C spool produces the excellent casting performance required by surf anglers. A high torque 4.6:1 retrieve ratio gives the Aerlex the power to deal with heavy leads over rough ground.

  • Shimano Aerlex 7000 XTA Spod
    14,900 RSD11,920 RSD
    Shimano Aerlex 7000 XTA Spod

    Shimano Aerlex 7000 XTA Spod

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMALX7000XTASP Availability: In Stock
    Price: 11,920 RSD 14,900 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    The Aerlex Spod is a reel specifically designed for Spod and Marker work. Aero Wrap II and an A-RC spool deliver exceptional distance, whilst high strength gearing copes with the constant casting of filled Spods or feature finding in heavy weed. The gear ratio has also been increased to 5.3:1, requiring less effort and providing faster retrieval of the Spods or Markers after each cast.

    The Baitrunner spool II System also allows line to be peeled from the spool with ease when depth finding, requiring just a quick turn of the drag. 3 Line clips enable the clipping up of multiple spots.

    Bearings:    1 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing
    Line lay:    Aerowrap II + 2-speed
    Extra spool:    No
    Body material:    XT-7
    Spool material:    Cold forged aluminium
    Gear ratio:  5,3:1     
    Line capacity mm-m:  0.40-250 / 0.45-210 / 0.50-160
    Bearings:  1 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing     
    Line retrieve per crank (cm): 114


  • Shimano Baitrunner DL FA
    9,690 RSD6,462 RSD
    Shimano Baitrunner DL FA

    Shimano Baitrunner DL FA

    Brand: Shimano Model:SMBTRDL2500FA Availability: In Stock
    Price: 6,462 RSD 9,690 RSD
    Based on 0 reviews.

    Since their introduction, the small sized Baitrunner DL FA reels, available in 2500 and 4000 size have opened up a whole host of freespool fishing applications never catered for by Shimano in the past. As comfortable when deadbaiting for pike or zander as they are feeder fishing for barbel or tench, these small sized freespool masters are built using the finest components and world renowned Shimano quality standards. Taking 200yds and 240yds of 6lb and 8lb line respectively, features include XT-7 body and rotor, Aluminium spool and XT-7 spare, plus Floating Shaft II. Over the last years the DL version has started to become popular with match anglers for feeder fishing where the use of the freespool Baitrunner facility is a big advantage as it lets you pick up the rod and get it in position before engaging the drag.
    Bearings     3 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing
    Line lay     Varispeed
    Extra spool     1 x XT-7
    Handle     Double
    Body material     XT-7
    Spool material     Cold forged aluminium

    Model              Weight (g)  Gear ratio     Line capacity (mm/m)        Line retrieve per crank (cm)
    BTRDL2500FA     355          4,8:1              0.20-240/0.25-160/0.30-110     68     
    BTRDL4000FA     410          4,8:1              0.25-260/0.30-180/0.35-130     75

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